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If Lebanon is the main destination for a big number of Arab and European tourists who find under its sky many attractive features like night life, entertainment places, nice weather and hospitality, the shopping industry is always present in any tour pogram to the different regions, particularly the capital Beirut which contains numerous and different kinds of markets where the finest brands found in the most important world markets compete. Shopping is at the top of the priority list of tourists visiting Lebanon, and this phenomenon is clearly reflected in the bulk of tourists that walk around the city’s souks during all the seasons and who have become familiar with the situation of the Lebanese markets, the shopping malls and the shops which allows a variety of options for all tastes and budgets.

Lebanon is a leader in fashion and jewelry designing thanks to its internationally renowned Lebanese designers who have made a name for themselves in the different world capitals. The main reason why the tourists basically visit Lebanon is to go shopping and to get an idea of the taste and elegance of the Lebanese people. This is why the Ministry of Tourism organizes an annual, amazing international fashion festival for one week during which the fashion lovers are given access to the latest designs of ready wear. The festival also displays the latest wedding dresses and shoes made by locally and internationally reputed designers, allowing the professionals working in this field to build business relations. It is generally held every year in March and sheds the ligh on the Lebanese skills in this industry.

Moreover, the shopping centers are now largely present in the Lebanese regions and constitute with the shops and stores they contain a shopping and entertaining world per se as the shoppers can find all what they need in one place without having to move from one place to another and from one region to another.

However, the streets in Lebanon in general and in Beirut in particular have also their own shopping identity which made them a destination for both the Lebanese and the tourists. Hamra street is one typical Lebanese street. This street that has always preserved its cultural image makes steady steps in the fashion field, but in no way gives up its main identity as one place combining multiple shops selling locally made and international brand wear, shoes and bags at reasonable prices.

In the light of such active shopping tourism, shopping festivals are held in precise dates in Lebanon, similarly to the world markets. The discounts on winter items and collections start in the second half of December and they might go up to 70 and %80 in some stores in February of every year.

Our company works on making the shopping tourism a success thanks to our team who ensures the following requirements, mainly:

  • A team specialized in the commercial zones and markets that would raise the awareness of the tourists about the actual price of items so that they don’t get defrauded,
  • Shceduled visits to shopping places,
  • Luxurious hotel reservation at affordable prices,
  • Comfortable transportation ,
  • And other facilities that help the tourists find the markets that sell items at good prices.

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