Local Tourism

Lebanon is known for its local tourism given the many natural and historical features that makes it, from north to south, a prosperous and entertaining place to spend a vacation in even for a short time.

We all search for wonderful destinations where we can relax and break the monotony of life, through diversified activities and services that please the visitors and ensure comfort and the pleasure of movement or of residence at little cost.

The role of Telco Travel is to arrange schedules for individuals and families that would lure them to show them the local regions and make them explore new places which are as beautiful as any other places in the world. In Lebanon, wherever you turn your eyes, you’ll find a monumental or natural site.

Our role is also to promote the rural tourism by ensuring residence in “guest houses” and allowing a close discovery of Lebanese historical villages and handicrafts.

Therefore, our company has all year round full packages (one or more days) that includes touristic programs and activities at good prices:

  • Trips to all Lebanese regions (upon request)
  • Luxurious buses
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Hotel or guest house (upon request)
  • Visits to monumental sites
  • Museums
  • Festivals
  • Activities upon request (surfing, bowling, paragliding, canoeing, diving, caves, hiking, skiing, ATV, et al).
  • Comfortable and safe ambiences

Enjoy the unforgettable tours worldwide!

Whenever you choose a coach holiday or coach tours,
you are sure to find plenty to see and do.

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