Winter Tourism

Although Lebanon is a summer destination in the first place, the winter tourism is not less important. Lebanon has all the elements that make it a tourist cou winter tourism and is the only country in the Middle East that has equipped pistes to practice all kinds of winter sports. There are many resorts that make available to tourists the necessary services such as hotel rooms and winter chalets for residence and various activities like skiing during the ski season which runs from December to April. Tourists can also make their way back to Beirut thanks to the proximity of the mountain and the coast. Lebanese, Arab and even European Ski amateurs waits for the winter season in Lebanon where most of the mountains are covered with snow to practice their favorite sport, skiing.

Winter sports in Lebanon include:
Alpine skiing, a major game in the Winter Olympic Games, long-distance running, parachuting, snowmobile, woods and mountains exploration.

There are six ski resorts in Lebanon:

  1. Faraya – Oyoune el Simane

    It is one of the main tourist attractions given its proximity to Beirut; it takes only around one hour and a half to get there. It is located between 1850 m 2465- m above the sea level, and is 46 km away from Beirut. Activities: It includes 18 ski pistes that are well equipped for night skiing, and all levels of skiers The ski resorts and stations offer top quality services and many recreational activities such as “ski-doo”and “snowmobile”, vehicles for travel on snow, and the ski lift that transport tourists to the tops of mountains.

    In the high mountains of Faray and in Mzaar, you will see skiers starting from the age of fourteen doing ski exercises while music plays.

    Faraya – Mzaar region abounds with sumptuous restaurants and chalets, where thousands of fancy rooms and comfortable stay are ensured in a warm ambience that gives the pleasure of having a late night sitting around the fireplace.

    It also includes the snow garden, which is more like a nursery equipped with the latest educational and recreational tools that help the kids move from playing in the snow to skiing under the control of specialized trainers, and thus parents can enjoy skiing without having to worry about their children.

    For those who like to go walking, short or long weekly trips are organized. One must put on special shoes with belts tied to the feet to avoid slipping. Moreover, Faraya has the most important international cuisines, including Italian, African and other, in addition to Lebanese dishes.

    In Faraya alone, there are 6 hotels, 2370 chalets and more than 25 restaurants and coffee shops.

  2. Al Arz: It is between 1850 m 3087- m above the sea level and is 120 km away from Beirut.

  3. Laqlouq: It is between 1750 m – 2200 m above the sea level and is 60 km away from Beirut. It contains 10 hotels and around 40 chalets.

  4. Faqra: It is between 1800 m - 2400 m above the sea level and is 45 km away from Beirut. It contains Faqra Club built in 1974 and which includes 350 villas.

  5. Qanat Baqish: It is 1900 m above the sea level and is 60 km away from Beirut. It contains one hotel and 40 chalets.

  6. Zaarour: It is between 1700 m 2000- m above the sea level and is 40 km away from Beirut. In Zaarour resort, there are 300 to 400 winter chalets.

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