Therapeutic Tourism

The therapeutic tourism plays a key role now that Lebanon has become a leading regional hub in this field in the Middle East, for it has all the prerequisites that make it a destination for therapeutic tourism and enable it to offer a wide array of medical specialties. Lebanon has the best hospitals which use the latest technologies in medicine (around 161 including 7 university hospitals), medical centers, beauty centers (around 100), fertility centers (around 15), drug rehab centers (more than 10), laboratories (more than 300). This is in addition to the advanced equipment and the state-of-the-art technologies in use, and the highly qualified physicians (there are more than 12000 physicians in Lebanon working in the different areas of specialization and graduated from 46 countries all over the world, including Lebanon) who are known worldwide for their skills, competence and experties, as well as the specialized nurses who takes good care of their patients, thus contributing to their quick recovery. Moreover, the new programs approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Health and which have been recently put in force to ensure the safety of patients and the integrity of work within the medical institutions, in adition to the internationally recognized quality control systems established to guarantee the quality of health services and for which several Lebanese hospitals and medical centers were certified by ISO, all these qualifications and capabilities contributed to Lebanon competing with top hospitals worldwide.

In addition to the foregoing, the tourism’s factors in Lebanon such as its geographical location, its special climate, its multilinguaslism, its fancy hotels and its tourist and archaeological sites, as well as its transportations and many more services have made the therapeutic tourism more attractive, because they contribute to the required moral and physical welfare.

One concludes that Lebanon has all what makes it a therapeutic tourist destination. However, it is important to make the communication process and the inquiry about the treatment services easier. Our specialized team is there to ensure the coordination between you and the necessary medical centers. These services include:

  • Coordination and organization of appointments with physicians, hospitals and medical centers before your arrival and throughout your stay in Lebanon.
  • Receipt and arrangement of medical reports, and selection of the right physician and hospital, according to the case in such a way as to achieve the intended goal.
  • Reception at airport and transportation to the place of residence or the hospital.
  • Treatment reservation in hospitals or specialty centers.
  • Providing appropriate accommodation in an apartment, a hotel or a resort, upon request and according to each patient’s case.
  • Tourist tours and trips that suit the case.
  • Ensuring communication and assistance in procuring the necessary documents from the insurance companies.
  • And other required services at the best conditions, taking into consideration all personal matters, and necessary details and arrangements of our guests such as habits, traditions and religious sanctities.

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